Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break-Family Style

Has been incredibly busy lately, what with my toddlers catching virus on top of virus for a month straight, then I had the bright idea of catching their sniffles myself.  Before anybody wonders, yes we did take them to the doctor, and they were given antibiotic.  Now it is spring break & everyone is healthy, so we have been visiting family and enjoying little trips.  Yesterday was the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks, and here are a few pictures, followed by sea-life etsy items:

petting horseshoe crabs
Stingray hiding under sand beside cat shark.  They let us pet them later on in the day

Feeding different set of stingrays

Cmooreglass has an incredible jellyfish pendant

picture of aquarium jellyfish bottom, cmooreglass' handmade jelly top
Debs1967 made a drawstring clownfish bag

Debs1967 clownfish bag top, aquarium clownfish display bottom

Plasticcraptastic wants to give you crabs...well a crab anyway. 

Maxiecrafts has a cute frog wall hanging

Monday, February 28, 2011

Recycled Maps

We were out of town yesterday, which resulted in us missing a hail storm (darn the luck) and my toddlers getting a chance to see a newborn calf at my dad's farm.  I also bought an interesting book called Matched, about a 2012-ish society on steroids.   The sequel doesn't come out for another couple of months, so that's a bummer. 

Today, maps.  What to do with them when you *think* GPS is incredible (hahaha no) or they change the roads around every couple of years, rendering your copy obsolete?   Click pictures to see shop they originate from.

mrgnome bowl will make sure your items won't get lost...get it?  Lost, because it's made of...ah forget it.  Moving on.

ThePaperSnail made a teeny-tiny banner.


colouredsquares wants all eyes on you with these funky-cool vintage map earrings

jarck101 has adorable pouches with map designs on them.  

Thank you so much for reading my blog, oh guess what, I'm becoming somewhat more technologically educated.  Was able to figure out how to put click-able pictures on my FB page, check it out I'm very proud, and also have a small webpage now.  Of course, they all link to my Etsy shop.  And be sure to practice random acts of kindness, and learn something new (like all 50 states are listed across the top of the
Lincoln Memorial on the back of the $5 bill-no way time to break out the magnifying glass!)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Books are great decorations!

Today we will look at altered books.  Actually, my husband made a treasury while my GPS got me lost-it was awful & I will not give you nightmares by sharing my story.  But, I was certain I heard banjos in the distance-absolutely terrifying!  So without further ado, check out the incredible things people do with books!  (Click here)

Then check out my husband's creations & click the little dealy on the side to like my FB page.  It's painless & makes me happy =D

In a few days, in honor of my official hatred of GPS, recycled maps!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Blog Fail

It has been so lovely the past couple of days, that I haven't been able to chain myself to the computer long enough to do a blog entry.  I do believe that during nice weather, you will see less of me, more like 3Xweek instead of daily, and when it's too nasty to be outside, whether too hot, cold, or otherwise miserable, the blog will become more of a daily thing again, but either way I will dazzle you with frickin' cool etsy stuff.  Since you are clearly chained to your computer, feel free to check out my shop & FB page ;) 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Freaky Dolls

So that chili I had to cook for like 30 people, turns out was actually for 80 or so.  My church had a chili cook-off, and guess who took 1st?  That's right folks, your lovely blogger.  And no, I was not the only contestant, don't go thinking that, there were around 15-20 pots o'chili.  Got a wicked-cool T-shirt.  I'll tell you where to find the recipe if you're really nice to me ;)  Today: etsians of my own heart, altered art dolls!

DollsofHeCate has this freaky little number (remember to click the pictures to see listing)

Panlora has indefinitely ruined Easter for me

Blacksheepartist mixes styrofoam & plush perfectly

UndeadEd reminds me of the toys Jack Skellington's crew made when they hijacked Christmas

Coinoperatedstar fixes Barbies up rather nicely

Last one, Mammamyst (hey that's me!) has this nightmare doll

Remember to learn something new daily: a zebra is black with white stripes.  Shaved zebras are totally black.  Don't forget to visit my FB & shop.  

Tomorrow in honor of my husband's half of the shop: altered books.  Oh and if you are interested in my chili recipe, I combined my mom's with one from allrecipes: White Chicken Chili.  I can't just *give* you the recipe now, but got you started in the right direction! 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Can you help?

I have not been visiting etsy groups over the past few days, so I am late to hearing this, but a fellow etsian lost that dearest to her in a fire, one of her children.  Their home was destroyed as well.  There has been a group established

to help raise money for her family by items donated & sold

From what I gather, there is also a paypal account for her, I imagine people in the group could help direct you.

Although I do not know her, my heart aches for her & her family. 

Anti-Valentines Gifts

Yesterday I did not get around to blogging.  We were a little bit tired & had a very long day.  Later I have to make enough chili to feed like 30 people so let's get this started (I'm slacking today, no pictures it takes too much time.)

SincerelyApril has an anti-valentines necklace

Recycledrings has a heart & cleaver combo necklace

Bencandance has a hilarious take on candy hearts jewelry (though from what I hear, innapropriate candy hearts were recently in the news)

Mosaichick has a unique green record bowl, with a strange title.  Perfect passive-aggressive gift for a certain someone you can't stand. 

Cookstah drew a broken heart on an interesting canvas

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to do a more "normal" blog entry.  In honor of my own items for sale, we'll look at altered art dolls. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Treasurys I was in!

We will do our regular blog in a bit, but I wanted to give a shout-out to those kind enough to feature me in treasuries!  by fuzzheadstudio  by misfitstuff   by beadedrelics  by seteney

These were not all at once, within the past week/half or so, but I am grateful they picked my items out of the millions (too high?  seems right to me!) of products on etsy.  Be sure to check them out, they are wonderful treasuries full of great stuff :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 3 of Snow & Vintage Toys

Even though I hate the snow, if I have nowhere to go & stay safe at home, it's kind of exciting to wake up & see how much we got.  My 4 year old was excited to see the "robins" at the feeder.  Do you loathe my houses' ugly yellow-ness as much as me?  I would love gray or light blue but ah well. 


We got The Last Airbender yesterday in our Netflix.  Funny story, when Avatar first came out, I hadn't seen any commercials yet, & was super excited because I thought it was Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Love the cartoon series (yes I'm 26 & like cartoons.  So what?)  and, let me tell you, I was disappointed in this movie.  Firstly, they couldn't even say Aang's name right (did I spell it right?  Who cares, at least I can pronounce it!)  Secondly, my opinion, they cast at least 3 main characters....wrong.  They didn't fit my expectation the cartoon had built for me.  Tonight we're watching Ed Wood & I'm hoping it's not a flop.  Anyway, on to my main topic: vintage toys on etsy.  *Remember to click the picture to be taken to shop*

KristyTrance has a pull-toy

Rrecyclarama says, when I was a kid, we didn't have "Build-a-Bear!" *I don't actually know if she said this.*

Yeoldegeneralstore has this awesome phone.  I cooked lasagna the other night & my 4 yo was convinced it was cat food.  All because of this lazy cat!

Smallvintage has a sheep from the USSR.  I remember I went to school one day & they said, OK, our maps are now wrong, something to do with the USSR...pretty sure that's the point I gave up on geography!

Agafrog has a pig from the Soviet Union.  This is driving me nuts, I'm pretty sure USSR & Soviet Union same thing, so we'll do our learn something new a bit early, & if you all ready know this, yay for you pick up a cookie on your way out!  (Cookie to be handed out after blog ends)

The USSR (also called Soviet Union or Soviet Russia) existed from 1922-1991. In 1991, all states within the USSR were granted independence.  (This actually took me app. 10 mins of web surfing to figure out. It seems to be a convoluted mess!)  Now, back to the pig!

Bobstoysnmore has that evil monkey from Toy Story 3

Tomorrow we'll do anti-Valentines day gifts.  That should be hilarious :)

Mjjreyes has your cookie.  She even threw in some milk

Come visit my shop & FB.   Just don't leave cookie crumbs all over my page :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kansas Artists

Blech more snow.  We all have cabin fever, I can not wait until spring so we can go to the playground, ride bikes, and just be outside.  We enjoy taking day trips & I would love to go to the Salt Museum in Hutchinson. I live in Kansas y'all, gotta work with what we got!  Today I will be featuring fellow Kansas etsy artists.  **If you don't mind clicking the socialvibe link to the right, it's free & donates $ to suicide prevention.  Thanks**

Ruralpearl has this stunning paperart

click me

Whatawaist has this funky cool necklace

click me

VintageCarriageHouse has a magic cake pan....wonder if the magic is it washes itself? ;)

click me

TwiceLovedDolls carefully fixes up dolls, with amazing results

click me

I absolutely love colorful items, and DesignsByPhyllis has hit a home run with this hat/wrap set

click me

LaurenSamone also has a colorful winter gear set, with earwarmers/fingerless gloves (free ship as well)

click me

Lastly, Thyme2dream has this earcuff

click me

Etsy allows you to shop local, simply type your town or state in the box.  Don't forget to visit my shop, Facebook page (leave etsy shop link in discussion), & learn something new: An apple, onion, and potato all have the same taste. The differences in flavor are caused by their smell. To prove this - pinch your nose and take a bite from each. They will all taste sweet.  Tomorrow let's do vintage toys.  I'm worried about running out of categories, so feel free to leave suggestions as to what to cover next, as well as your blog addy if you want.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dreary Monday

The only good thing about Monday, is it's my trash day.  Otherwise it's the day I spill hot coffee or cold soda in my  lap, walk around with food in my teeth and nobody tells me, or crash into a deer while driving.  You get the point, Mondays are awful!  So to lessen the Monday blahs, here are some adorable items from creative etsy shops.  GretelCreations has this adorable bear (click pic to see shop)

click me

Songinmyheart has cute V-day cards for kids (click to see shop)

I love love love the art schin makes!

click me

Sometimes all you need is a bit of color to brighten your day, and MsFitStuff apron may be the answer!

click me

Wrapping up today's installment is KissedbyKittie

click me

I hope you enjoyed these items.  As always, check out my shopFB (where you are more than welcome to post your etsy link in the discussion) & learn something new today!  Like rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.  Lastly, feel free to leave your blog links below!

Tomorrow, I will feature sellers from Kansas.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Are You Ready for some Football?!

Yesterday I never got around to doing a blog post (bad mammamyst!) but had a great day with my mom, grandpa & my two boys.  We ate at a Mexican restaurant, went to Wal*Mart (where I found my 4 year old a "next year" coat for five bucks!)  And if I remember correctly, today is a very special day in the sports world....nah I must be confused.  My boys are ready for the "football stadium party" at grandma's house though!

Meanwhile, back at etsy, a treasure trove of vintage items is awaiting us.  Since vintage will net thousands of results, let's focus on one category....*thinking*...heck let's do football related.  AntiqueAli has a cute rah-rah football pin, hoppersbazaar has a rah cubed (that's three folks, the one thing I remember from algebra!) pin.  VintageVamp has an old Steelers coloring book & cellarsellardweller has a lot of '60s Steelers collector cards.  LJKsupplies has a Packers jacket for kids & worldwideoddities has a Packers necklace charm. 

For those who tolerate football out of love, pattiesprimitives has this whimsical sign.  Inkwear99 lets you shout to the world who you support.  This next one, NSFW & not safe for children.  Adult humor apron from leapinchubb.  For me, this day whos name I forget, is good for 3 things: time with family, great food, & hilarious commercials.

As always, check out my shop, like my Facebook page & learn something new today.  Something like in 1958, Thomas Watson (chairman of IBM) forecast a world market for 5 computers.  Huh, reminds me of one of my FB friends posting a video from (they said) 1994, culled from Youtube, where the Today show anchors were asking what the Internet was.

Tomorrow... let's do funny stuff.  Try to brighten up Monday

Friday, February 4, 2011

Handmade Candleholders

So if you checked on my other blog, you know know that today we are looking at etsy candleholders.  If you didn't know that, grab your seats & hold on tight, cuz here we go!  Zedszombieranch has a macabre candleholder, while GreenBottleBoutique has a beautiful hand-crafted glass one.  OstlundCustomWorks has an "almost steampunk" candleholder (What is steampunk?! Allaboutathenna hand-painted this beautiful hurricane luminary (no stencils!) while Meandtheboy actually created this stunning candleholder out of clay, and will donate a portion of the sale to families needing therapy for adhd, autism, & fragile x. 

Be sure to swing by my shop, like my Facebook page & do a random act of kindness, even something as little as holding the door for someone. 

Today's random nugget of knowledge: The clarinet is also known as a licorice stick

Next installment: Vintage items

New Blog!

This is my second blog, but technically an extension of my first ( since I will no longer be maintaining the wordpress account.  Several of my etsy friends posted blogger links, & truthfully, it seemed an easier format for following, etc.  Visit the listed blog to find out what I'm about, and I'll have a new entry for you in a few hours!