Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 3 of Snow & Vintage Toys

Even though I hate the snow, if I have nowhere to go & stay safe at home, it's kind of exciting to wake up & see how much we got.  My 4 year old was excited to see the "robins" at the feeder.  Do you loathe my houses' ugly yellow-ness as much as me?  I would love gray or light blue but ah well. 


We got The Last Airbender yesterday in our Netflix.  Funny story, when Avatar first came out, I hadn't seen any commercials yet, & was super excited because I thought it was Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Love the cartoon series (yes I'm 26 & like cartoons.  So what?)  and, let me tell you, I was disappointed in this movie.  Firstly, they couldn't even say Aang's name right (did I spell it right?  Who cares, at least I can pronounce it!)  Secondly, my opinion, they cast at least 3 main characters....wrong.  They didn't fit my expectation the cartoon had built for me.  Tonight we're watching Ed Wood & I'm hoping it's not a flop.  Anyway, on to my main topic: vintage toys on etsy.  *Remember to click the picture to be taken to shop*

KristyTrance has a pull-toy

Rrecyclarama says, when I was a kid, we didn't have "Build-a-Bear!" *I don't actually know if she said this.*

Yeoldegeneralstore has this awesome phone.  I cooked lasagna the other night & my 4 yo was convinced it was cat food.  All because of this lazy cat!

Smallvintage has a sheep from the USSR.  I remember I went to school one day & they said, OK, our maps are now wrong, something to do with the USSR...pretty sure that's the point I gave up on geography!

Agafrog has a pig from the Soviet Union.  This is driving me nuts, I'm pretty sure USSR & Soviet Union same thing, so we'll do our learn something new a bit early, & if you all ready know this, yay for you pick up a cookie on your way out!  (Cookie to be handed out after blog ends)

The USSR (also called Soviet Union or Soviet Russia) existed from 1922-1991. In 1991, all states within the USSR were granted independence.  (This actually took me app. 10 mins of web surfing to figure out. It seems to be a convoluted mess!)  Now, back to the pig!

Bobstoysnmore has that evil monkey from Toy Story 3

Tomorrow we'll do anti-Valentines day gifts.  That should be hilarious :)

Mjjreyes has your cookie.  She even threw in some milk

Come visit my shop & FB.   Just don't leave cookie crumbs all over my page :)

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