Sunday, February 6, 2011

Are You Ready for some Football?!

Yesterday I never got around to doing a blog post (bad mammamyst!) but had a great day with my mom, grandpa & my two boys.  We ate at a Mexican restaurant, went to Wal*Mart (where I found my 4 year old a "next year" coat for five bucks!)  And if I remember correctly, today is a very special day in the sports world....nah I must be confused.  My boys are ready for the "football stadium party" at grandma's house though!

Meanwhile, back at etsy, a treasure trove of vintage items is awaiting us.  Since vintage will net thousands of results, let's focus on one category....*thinking*...heck let's do football related.  AntiqueAli has a cute rah-rah football pin, hoppersbazaar has a rah cubed (that's three folks, the one thing I remember from algebra!) pin.  VintageVamp has an old Steelers coloring book & cellarsellardweller has a lot of '60s Steelers collector cards.  LJKsupplies has a Packers jacket for kids & worldwideoddities has a Packers necklace charm. 

For those who tolerate football out of love, pattiesprimitives has this whimsical sign.  Inkwear99 lets you shout to the world who you support.  This next one, NSFW & not safe for children.  Adult humor apron from leapinchubb.  For me, this day whos name I forget, is good for 3 things: time with family, great food, & hilarious commercials.

As always, check out my shop, like my Facebook page & learn something new today.  Something like in 1958, Thomas Watson (chairman of IBM) forecast a world market for 5 computers.  Huh, reminds me of one of my FB friends posting a video from (they said) 1994, culled from Youtube, where the Today show anchors were asking what the Internet was.

Tomorrow... let's do funny stuff.  Try to brighten up Monday

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  1. Neat article! Thanks for mentioning my cool vintage RAH RAH football pin.