Monday, February 7, 2011

Dreary Monday

The only good thing about Monday, is it's my trash day.  Otherwise it's the day I spill hot coffee or cold soda in my  lap, walk around with food in my teeth and nobody tells me, or crash into a deer while driving.  You get the point, Mondays are awful!  So to lessen the Monday blahs, here are some adorable items from creative etsy shops.  GretelCreations has this adorable bear (click pic to see shop)

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Songinmyheart has cute V-day cards for kids (click to see shop)

I love love love the art schin makes!

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Sometimes all you need is a bit of color to brighten your day, and MsFitStuff apron may be the answer!

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Wrapping up today's installment is KissedbyKittie

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I hope you enjoyed these items.  As always, check out my shopFB (where you are more than welcome to post your etsy link in the discussion) & learn something new today!  Like rubber bands last longer when refrigerated.  Lastly, feel free to leave your blog links below!

Tomorrow, I will feature sellers from Kansas.

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