Friday, February 4, 2011

Handmade Candleholders

So if you checked on my other blog, you know know that today we are looking at etsy candleholders.  If you didn't know that, grab your seats & hold on tight, cuz here we go!  Zedszombieranch has a macabre candleholder, while GreenBottleBoutique has a beautiful hand-crafted glass one.  OstlundCustomWorks has an "almost steampunk" candleholder (What is steampunk?! Allaboutathenna hand-painted this beautiful hurricane luminary (no stencils!) while Meandtheboy actually created this stunning candleholder out of clay, and will donate a portion of the sale to families needing therapy for adhd, autism, & fragile x. 

Be sure to swing by my shop, like my Facebook page & do a random act of kindness, even something as little as holding the door for someone. 

Today's random nugget of knowledge: The clarinet is also known as a licorice stick

Next installment: Vintage items


  1. Just wanted to stop by and say HI. I am diapercakedazzle from Etsy and a follower of your new blogger blog:)

  2. Thanks for including my work in your blog! Appreciate it!

  3. Feel free to post your blog links so the rest of us can follow you! :D

  4. Thanks for posting your esty link on my blog - very cool altered dolls! Thanks for sharing them:)

  5. Thanks Kathryn! I followed your blog, that last entry about the 1895 school test was crazy...I bet they really DID (as my grandparents love to say) have to walk uphill in twelve feet of snow...

    Thanks for following Jessica! I'm following your blog as well & you have some very cute items in your etsy shop :)

  6. hey thanks for including me in this post!