Monday, February 14, 2011

Freaky Dolls

So that chili I had to cook for like 30 people, turns out was actually for 80 or so.  My church had a chili cook-off, and guess who took 1st?  That's right folks, your lovely blogger.  And no, I was not the only contestant, don't go thinking that, there were around 15-20 pots o'chili.  Got a wicked-cool T-shirt.  I'll tell you where to find the recipe if you're really nice to me ;)  Today: etsians of my own heart, altered art dolls!

DollsofHeCate has this freaky little number (remember to click the pictures to see listing)

Panlora has indefinitely ruined Easter for me

Blacksheepartist mixes styrofoam & plush perfectly

UndeadEd reminds me of the toys Jack Skellington's crew made when they hijacked Christmas

Coinoperatedstar fixes Barbies up rather nicely

Last one, Mammamyst (hey that's me!) has this nightmare doll

Remember to learn something new daily: a zebra is black with white stripes.  Shaved zebras are totally black.  Don't forget to visit my FB & shop.  

Tomorrow in honor of my husband's half of the shop: altered books.  Oh and if you are interested in my chili recipe, I combined my mom's with one from allrecipes: White Chicken Chili.  I can't just *give* you the recipe now, but got you started in the right direction! 

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