Saturday, February 12, 2011

Anti-Valentines Gifts

Yesterday I did not get around to blogging.  We were a little bit tired & had a very long day.  Later I have to make enough chili to feed like 30 people so let's get this started (I'm slacking today, no pictures it takes too much time.)

SincerelyApril has an anti-valentines necklace

Recycledrings has a heart & cleaver combo necklace

Bencandance has a hilarious take on candy hearts jewelry (though from what I hear, innapropriate candy hearts were recently in the news)

Mosaichick has a unique green record bowl, with a strange title.  Perfect passive-aggressive gift for a certain someone you can't stand. 

Cookstah drew a broken heart on an interesting canvas

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have time to do a more "normal" blog entry.  In honor of my own items for sale, we'll look at altered art dolls. 

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